Holly M. Campbell

Interior Book Formatting

  • Interior design: title page, half title page, other books by author page, chapter headings, page headings, letter & pamphlet design, back matter, embedded TOC in eBook.
  • Print: 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • eBook: PDF, ePub, .mobi


Project Details


Against her better judgment, eighteen-year-old Rebecca Douglas returns home to Clayton Creek. To the house where her mother was murdered. Where the Shadow—a monster with gleaming red eyes—haunted her dreams every night. All for the funeral of a man she stopped calling “Dad” a long time ago.

To Rebecca’s surprise, her father left her a box of “personal items.” At first glance, it’s filled with old journals, family photos, and a dozen letters addressed to her that her father never sent. But things aren’t always what they seem. Rebecca has just inherited a few family secrets…and one murder mystery.

As Rebecca seeks answers, she confides in an old friend—the handsome, complicated, unattainable, and…handsome Troy Adams. As the two grow closer to uncovering the truth, they also grow closer to one another, making the trip to Clayton Creek almost worth it. Almost…

The Shadow has been waiting for Rebecca’s return. And he’s haunting more than her dreams.

Holly M. Campbell started writing at a young age. She enjoyed sharing her stories with friends and family and by the time she started middle school, knew she wanted to be an author.

She studied Creative Writing and Modern Dance at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Along with attending class, doing homework, and studying, she stayed busy with rehearsals and performances for Contemporary Dance Theatre. In 2004, she toured Central America as part of the school’s Dance Alliance. The following year, she toured the Eastern United States. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2006.

About two years later, Holly met Chris Campbell, who taught her how to swing dance. After he lifted her high over his head with apparent ease, she fell head-over-heels (not literally). They married in May of 2008 and currently live in Washington State with their two little girls.