Denise DeSio

Interior Book Formatting

  • Interior design: title page, half title page, other books by author page, chapter headings, page headings, letter & pamphlet design, back matter, embedded TOC in eBook.
  • Print: 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • eBook: PDF, ePub, .mobi


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When it comes to unconditional love, Italian matriarch, Rose D’Orsi is deeply challenged. Nobody feels it more than Glory, her estranged 48-year-old lesbian daughter. Though Rose attracts the attention of Eli Fineman, a rich Bulgarian Holocaust survivor whose love, compassion, and wit affects people in unimaginable ways, he arrives too late in life to teach Rose how to be a good mother, even to Ricky, the child she favors.

When Rose gets a terminal illness, Ricky is stretched beyond his limits, juggling a blue-collar job, a family, and his mother’s unreasonable demands. Glory adds to the problem when she returns to Brooklyn to enlist her brother in a comically poignant effort to make peace with her abusive mother. Caught between two strong women, Ricky capitulates to his sister and there’s hell to pay until Rose’s unfortunate death, which sets off a sequence of events that causes the siblings to question their life choices and each other.

Sometimes it takes a personal tragedy to look within, but when Rose’s will clouds everyone’s judgment, it takes a bold act and a devastating catastrophe to elevate the human spirit.

Denise DeSio was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from Brooklyn College with a BA in education and a full Masters course in English Literature. She is a member of the Arizona Author’s Association and the recipient of the notable Soroptimist Award for her essay writing. She’s been published as an anonymous contributor in several publications, but she is most widely known for her true, unpublished, hilarious, adventures documented for the sole purpose of entertaining her friends, who have forwarded them to an exponential number of their friends (some as far away as China).

Denise has been the author, under a pen name, of a sassy, no-nonsense yet progressive, advice column for a local monthly newsletter since 2004, and she is currently working on a compilation of true tales called Tenants Straight From Hell: Fair Warning for the Inexperienced Real Estate Investor.

Denise has two wonderful grown children in their thirties that have miraculously survived what a friend has recently described as “the storm that is Denise”. She moved from New York to Phoenix with her life partner in 1993, but she still considers herself a New Yorker. Rose’s Will is her debut novel, in response to the relentless badgering of those who believed in her.