By Angela Hartley

Interior Book Formatting

  • Interior design: title page, half title page, other books by author page, chapter headings, page headings, letter & pamphlet design, back matter, embedded TOC in eBook.
  • Print: 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • eBook: PDF, ePub, .mobi


Project Details


The tale of Sinauf was a secret nineteen-year-old Nina Douglas’ ancestors kept hidden for generations. But after six-hundred years of concealment, their protection has failed, bringing Nina’s fate into light, and revealing an inescapable truth.

The dark god of legend is real.

Caught in an ancient war still raging in the modern world, Nina is confronted with Sinauf—the embodiment of all she fears and desires. Like a moth drawn to a deadly flame, Nina must resist the seductive charm of an alluring monster, or prepare for the destruction of an entire universe.

Temptation is known by many names, and he is coming for her.

Angela Hartley spent much of her childhood being shuffled from house to house with only a book for companionship. The magic she found in the written word saved her in many ways, transporting her into worlds far more enjoyable than the one she resided in. Literature became a passion and the idea of writing carried her through many years of uncertainty.

After high school, she met her own Prince Charming—the kind of love she only thought possible in pages of novels. As they rode off into the sunset in his blue Toyota a whole new realm of hope and happiness opened up. He claimed they could move mountains, and together they did, but her passion for writing never waned. With a strong support system, she finally felt secure enough to follow her heart and created her own world, one full of procreating angels and demon rock stars.

Angela currently resides in Midway, Utah with her three children and husband.